Our mission

Our primary mission is helping people who suffer from the loss of their beloved but can’t afford funeral expenses due to unforeseen circumstances.

We provide them with what is needed for a successful burial. These include coffins, burial allowances, and other support that might be needed for the burial. We know we will all die one day, and we all have lost a loved one. These things often happen at a time when we are least prepared. Our foundation raises funding and helps such families and homes in times of need.

Are you searching for one of the best charities to make a goodwill donation to ? If you asking the question of “where is a charity near me?” or the question of “how do I make a clothes donation” . If you look at all charity organizations you will find out we are among the best charities to donate to. We also help people to get motivated in their lives.

Activities and programs that illustrate our organisation’s purpose

The Funeral Program:

Have you lost a loved one and can’t afford the funeral?

Let us know. We intend to help thousands of people who can’t create a fitting burial. If you are a donor and would like to give us a helping hand, do not hesitate

Clothing Program:

Are you a family in need? Either bereft or who simply can’t afford. We have clothes from donors and also purchase lots of clothes to give out to people in need.

If you are a donor and would love to give us a helping hand do not hesitate. Click below to donate.

Counseling and Motivational Program:

They are many amazing people dealing with the psychological pain of losing a loved one and who have almost given up. We are here to give you hope again. Need our support? Apply so we can help you.

People Seeking For Help:

We are the O2 Store in Glenrothes and one of our members of staff and his wife have recently found out his son Riley has Cerebral Palsy which is a lifelong condition in which he will require constant care and help with mobility. The NHS does provide some of the apparatus that’s required but not all so we have decided to raise money for Riley to help with these costs by doing a Christmas Firewalk at the Balbirnie House Hotel on November 25th at 7pm.

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